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drugstore.com Reviews

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  • Bad customer service

    I've ordered from this site twice. The first time was very nice there makeup products were super cheap and the shipping was so fast! I did receive a shattered item and emailed the company. They responded in less than an hour and sent me a new product which came in perfect condition. The second time I ordered around the same amount of items except all but on item were shipped together. I didn't care cause the single item was being shipped by a different company. it was supposed to be delivered almost two days ago. But the day it is to be delivered hasn't updated in the item... More...
    Abadu's Picture   Abadu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never get my stuff or my money

    I did my purchase on first August 4 they cancelled my order, I received the mail of cancellation, then they sent me but the half, but big my surprise that they sent badly my order, I have protested day and night for the amount that they charge me in my credit card and finally they say that will going to refund me, but still they have not done it, already has passed one month and I cannot believe that this happens to me, its so a prestigious company, will never buy again My order is 03390448151100 I order online More...
  • Product already expired

    I shoped here for a long time. But today when I received my order, the product has already expired. Then I called the customer service, and they said it is the manufacture date, but I checked it again, it says EXP in the front of the date. I have to go back to check every product that I ordered here. Never want to come back again. More...
    cc1005's Picture   cc1005    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lying, thieving, dishonest company.

    Drugstore.com promised to send me a $25 gift card for my purchase. I never got it. I called customer service. They admit I met all requirements for the gift card but said their computer failed to send the gift card. I received no discounts as an alternative. Because it was deemed a hassle to manually send me a card, customer service flat out refused to make good on their promise to send me the card. Don't buy anything from this corrupt corporation. Tell everyone you know not to buy. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    REDALERT's Picture   REDALERT    0 Comments   Comments
  • Drugstore.com gave credit card # to third party.

    When my husband used the Drugstore.com website for a purchase he was asked to give his name and email account for a $10 coupon on his next purchase. When he did this he was unaware that by doing so he was entering a subscription to Shoppers Discount at a cost of $14 a month! Drugstore.com supplied the credit card information to Shoppers Discount. By the time we became aware of this 6 months have gone by and we have spent $84 for a $10 coupon. When I use a credit card online I NEVER want a company to give my credit card # to a third party!!!! This transaction was not clear because my... More...
    bettyloos's Picture   bettyloos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Drugstore.com

    I am a Doctor and used to recommend Drugstore.com to my patients. I had no problem with them until it became involved with Wallgreens. They didn't transfer my refills, saying that they are working on it. Even if they eventually do find my refills, they charge twice the amount of money. I liked the old drugstore.com when it worked with Bioscript Pharmacy and had very reasonable prices for medications. I now tell patients to stay away from this pharmacy. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    radler13's Picture   radler13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Go to Walmart or Walgreens

    Oh, your first order is not the problem, the problems will start when you have to renew and refill orders. This past time (which is the fourth time I've had the same issue) I made my order on the 14th of the month and it is now the 20th and the only response I get from Drugstore.com is 'we are working to fill your order'. I received a phone call that they had to call my doctor, however when I called my doctor, they said that Drugstore.com HAS NOT called their office. The last time this happened, Drugstore.com said they would overnight my order to make up for their... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Shell236's Picture   Shell236    0 Comments   Comments
  • Go to Walgreens or Walmart

    Oh, your first order is not the problem, the problems will start when you have to renew and refill orders. This past time (which is the fourth time I've had the same issue) I made my order on the 14th of the month and it is now the 20th and the only response I get from Drugstore.com is 'we are working to fill your order'. I received a phone call that they had to call my doctor, however when I called my doctor, they said that Drugstore.com HAS NOT called their office. The last time this happened, Drugstore.com said they would overnight my order to make up for their... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Shell236's Picture   Shell236    0 Comments   Comments
  • never arrived

    I ordered some products as I have in the past years. They wrote me later the products got lost in the postal delivery and if I still want the products or my money back. I didn't think much about it because I have ordered before without incident. I said please send me the products. Again nothing came and now no one answers. Not drugstore.com or the tracking of the postal services. I am very unhappy. I now am NOT recommending them to anyone anymore. More...
    nluesche's Picture   nluesche    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Customer Service

    I ordered 4 bottles with afterschave products from Clubman Pinaud) and received them by mail. but there was one broken bottle (bottom) and so it was empty. I send them a mail including 2 picture´s so they can see the bottle was still sealed and they could see the dammage. Then the returned me a mail where they say that they can not send me a new bollte due to security isseus... But they will refund me the costs of that bottle. Normaly i would say ok, but they also wrote that i than can order a new bottle ,are here then no securrity isseus ? i dont see the difference... I... More...
    Rene000's Picture   Rene000    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beyond Frustrated Online Shopper

    So I was very excited when my doctor told me that I could receive my prescription at a very reduced price from drugstore.com vs my hometown pharmacy CVS. My medication isn't covered so I pay full price. My doctor called in a new script on tuesday yesterday they couldn't find it, then 2 hours later they found it and it would be send out today overnight shipping. I was told to check the website at noon today, I did that the script still wasn't showing up. I called they had an issue with the doctor, but assured me they'd get it worked out and it would go out today. I... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • scripts

    My husband is on expensive meds and we were happy to find we could order online at a reasonable price. We confirmed everything before we sent script in we wanted to have everything go as smoothly as possible. We sent in on the 8th it is now the 18th and we have nothing. We overnighted script and requested meds be shipped back overnight. We called everyday. First they needed to contact Dr. then they told us they could not fill and had mailed us the script back to us on the 13th. Today we talked to them again and they haven't even sent us the scripts back. My husband needs meds to work... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    disgusted222's Picture   disgusted222    1 Comments   Comments
  • Order

    I was so happy to be able to order some Tom's of Maine products online after local sources dried up during the recession. However, when I ordered on the Tom's site I ended up at drugstore.com. The order was shipped promptly via drugstore.com but when it arrived 4 of the 5 deodorant containers had loose caps with product leakage all over the contents of the shipping container. What a mess!! Most shippers would have put the deodorant in a ziplock bag as a precaution, but that was not done. I would estimate a 20% waste of purchased product, but the mess was the worst problem. More...
    gofigureit's Picture   gofigureit    2 Comments   Comments
  • Beware!

    Since drugstore.com sold off their prescription service to some other company, service and delivery have fallen apart completely. In the past month, I too have experienced similar non-shipment and non-communication about prescriptions that they had filled flawlessly for two years. They mysteriously canceled a prescription order with no communication to me whatsoever about it (insurance problems? couldn't get hold of the doctor? who really knows). They left 3 prescription renewals "in progress" with no updated information for more than a week. I depend on taking my medication... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)

    I ordered a critical prescription from this company on 8/3/2010. I kept checking the order status for shipping details. After 2 weeks, it still had not shipped. I called to complain (26 mins on hold) and was told the prescription would be shipped OVERNIGHT with no extra charge (a bald-faced lie). The next day, no prescription. Same the next day and the day after that. I called back to inquire and was told the pills were out of stock, but expected to be in the next day. The customer rep had no answer when I asked WHY they didn't notify me that the pills were out of stock. The rep... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    pmcanimalcare's Picture   pmcanimalcare    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    Since drugstore.com relocated, sold, or merged with the Ohio concern now representing the name, the customer service has become nonexistent. I had to phone twice because an auto refill prescription was not dispatched. The hold time for each call exceeded 30 minutes. I was given two different excuses why the prescription had not been refilled, with no resolution to the problem. I had to beg for a direct phone number that I could have Walgreens phone to transfer the prescription. I have been a satisfied customer for over nine years, but will never use this company again. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    sillyman's Picture   sillyman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dangerous Company to Trust

    I transferred a very critical prescription to drugstore.com, mainly because the price was significantly less. I was informed it would take about 1 week total to transfer and ship. It is now 2 weeks, and this company has lost my prescription, and caused me physical harm by my not having the medicine. I have done everything possible; I have called my doctor to have them send a new one, they say the prescription is expired. How? My doctor called it in this morning. Then they make attempts to place another transfer from Walgreens. This is a controlled medicine and cannot be refilled without... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    readdoggy's Picture   readdoggy    0 Comments   Comments

    Placed an order with drugstore.com on 6/27 and received confirmation. It was eligible for free standard shipping. I looked at the tracking for the shipment and discovered i could expect delivery on 20 JULY. I promptly wrote to drugstore.com and questioned this timing - no response or acknowledgment at all. Around 6th or 7th July I checked again and discovered that the shipment date remained the same however that Fedex had delivered my order to the USPS for delivery!!! Same due date! Wrote again - no response or acknowledgment. Order eventually did arrive however I have still not heard... More...
    lundhawaii's Picture   lundhawaii    0 Comments   Comments
  • Three Weeks shipping!!!!

    I placed an order with drugstore.com on 28 June. A day or so later the order was confirmed shipped with a tracking number. I was expecting delivery within a week (we live in Hawaii. Followed the tracking and saw that the goods had been picked up and the expected delivery was 21 JULY. Wrote to them via their website - no response at all. On 7th July or so I checked again and noticed that now the method of shipping had changed on the tracking info at Fedex. Fedex had now delivered my order to the USPS and the delivery date had not changed. Wrote again. Still no response. Total... More...
    lundhawaii's Picture   lundhawaii    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shopping

    Drugstore.com signed me up for a discount shopping program that cost $12/month. I have no idea how I they deceived me into consenting to this. Shopper Discounts is the company that Drugstore.com signed me up with and they were very nice about removing the charges from my account BUT they should never have been there. I thought I was being offered coupons for future purchases not a subscription that cost $12/month. Mary More...
    higlandia's Picture   higlandia    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refused to Cancel Order

    I reviewed my order and clicked on "continue." Once I continued, the order amounts had changed and I was charged for shipping. I immediately called to get a refund on my shipping. I was told that they could not give a refund, only store credit which would expire. I said to just cancel my order, and was told that they could not because I used PayPal. To make a long story short - the company refused to cancel my order or refund my money. I will send the items back when I receive them, hopefully I will get a refund then. This was the worst customer service I have ever had. Not... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    firenze's Picture   firenze    4 Comments   Comments
  • Drugstore.com

    When I received my order from this company, $48 worth of products were missing. I called to try to resolve the problem and was told that the 'records' show that nothing was missing. After going around and speaking to a supervisor, they agreed to re ship the missing items. That never happened and I'm out of $48. Be very careful if you order from these people. Better yet, don't order from these people. The prices weren't that good, anyhow. Even if, by chance, you receive your order. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Smackdaddy9's Picture   Smackdaddy9    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scammed

    The exact same thing happened to me. I made a few purchases through Drugstore.com and noticed a $12 charge on my card for two months in a row. I called Reservation Rewards and they told me that I authorized the charge when I clicked on a coupon for $10 off my next Drugstore.com purchase. I contacted Drugstore.com to complain and they sent me an email extoling the virtues of Reservation Rewards. I still don't know what Reservation Rewards does or offers, but my days of using Drugstore.com are over. Too bad they are ruining a neat business with this ridiculous scam. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Salina57's Picture   Salina57    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed

    I had such an awful time attempting to do business with this company. I received a giftcard as an award from my boss and was unable to use the giftcard that I recieved. I placed my first order for two products and was excited to recieve a package in the mail. I waited and waited for two months and never recieved a thing. When I called Drugstore.com they apologized and said they would ship my order on rush delivery but then later said they would not be able to ship my order at all due to the gift card being used rather than a credit card. So after much hassle the customer service rep... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    malee78's Picture   malee78    0 Comments   Comments
  • Drugstore.com sent me a shipment...

    Drugstore.com sent me a shipment of defective prescription drugs. When I found out and the manufacturer confirmed that the drug had been exposed to high temperature, therefore ruining it, they refused to give me a refund or store credit. they said I waited too long to ask. I asked as soon as I got the proof. Here is copy of what I sent them: (quote) 11/29/2007 My last order of Xenical in March of this year, was defective. Not only did I not lose weight, I started gaining weight. I reported this on your website and an e-mail reply told me to contact the Manufacturer,... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    kenharkins's Picture   kenharkins    3 Comments   Comments


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